Saturday, December 3, 2011


The Epilogue of my book features Memorial and Death poems dedicated to poets Betty Kaplan, Janice Bostok, and Svetlana Marisova who passed away one by one while I was busy compiling the book. Dare I say I have also written my own?

Here is the cover of my forthcoming second book, HAIKU AND TANKA HARVEST, a slight variation of my blog's name. It has 126 pages, 6x9" size using Times Roman 12 with ISBN-13:978-1468017854. My first book, Rustle of bamboo leaves, selected haiku and other poems was published in November 2005.

Tha Haiku chapter is introduced by Susumu Takiguchi, Chairman of World Haiku Club and editor of its World Haiku Review and the Tanka chapter by haiku and tanka poet and eminent book reviewer Marjorie Buettner. The cover is designed by my artist friend, poet and long-time haiga collaborator Ashley Wood of England.

The book is a selection of my over 200 haiku and tanka poems published in various online and print journals as well as book anthologies written during the past six years, 2006-2011. There is a lenghty section of Senryu and Vanguard haiku. Included also are multilingual haiku and tanka in English, Spanish and Tagalog. Scattered all over the volume are samples of my haiga or picture poems from my sizable collection dating from 2000. More news forthcoming.

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