Friday, October 15, 2010

Los 33

Now that the Chilean miners have all been rescued, I just want to share this poem I wrote four days ago which I sent to my friend Gigliola Lubiano of Chile. I join the world in saluting their indomitable spirit and courage.

LOS 33

by V. P. Gendrano
11 October 2010

In Camp Hope
your loved ones wait
from darkness
to redemption
where hope and prayers
mingle with tears
in undying faith
to man's humanity
and God's grace


Joan said...

We all lived through the ordeal with Chile here in NZ too. Great rejoicing when we watched the rescue on TV. Chile did so well. Lovely poem Vic. Thank you.

Vic Gendrano said...

I watched until the last miner was brought up. You could just feel the emotion with everybody singing Chile's national anthem. This is my second poem about their plight, written four days ago, which I posted anyway in admiration of their courage and fortitude.