Monday, July 21, 2008

Death of a friend

This week is the second year of the death anniversary of Maria, our YMCA friend.

I was vacationing in Hawaii when she died. When I came back, Joyce, our mutual friend, told me of the sad news. Here's a poem I wrote about her passing.

The Three of Us

diverse cultures                                     
different backgrounds                            
all over the world                               
that’s where we came from                  
all kindred souls                                 
the three of us                                     

we banter and exchange jokes             
as I always tease Joyce            
for her hip gyrating moves                 
while Maria and I prefer            
cha cha, tango or salsa            
the three of us                            

I owe you a lunch date Maria            
you and Joyce dressed for the occasion
sadly I was not able to come           
for whatever valid or not reason      
we could have had a ball                 
the three of us    

Joyce, the baby
is an English woman
I am a Filipino, the man
the lovable Maria
is our amiga Latina
the three of us

we look after each other
check whereabouts if one’s not in
solicitous of each welfare
we are a happy go lucky bunch
exercising at YMCA
the three of us

rest in peace Maria
Joyce and I will miss you
we’ll cherish your memories
of a time when friendship
is all that really matters for
the three of us

24 July 2006

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scatterhaiku said...

sad words. a lovely tribute.