Friday, January 25, 2013

by © Victor P. Gendrano, Jan. 25, 2013

         February 1, next month, is the first anniversary of my moving to this retirement house. On the early morning of that first day, I thought I smelt freshly brewed coffee, so half-awake, I hurriedly walked to the kitchen dreamingly half-expecting a homey breakfast with my late wife.
         Unfortunately, I accidentally bumped my head on the bedroom’s ajar door and felt blood oozing from my forehead to my eyes. I sidestepped to the bathroom, snatched a bunch of toilet paper and pressed them tightly over the wound. With my right hand on my forehead, I used my left hand to dial for help.
         A paramedic examined the wound, proclaimed it was only a cut and no stitches are needed, then bandaged my head after covering it with medicated cream.

                  time and place
                  only deepen and strenghten
                  my first love

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