Monday, October 22, 2012

From my 3rd book, ABC to enlightenment © 2012

      by Victor P. Gendrano 
© 23 March 2011

This the tenth in the series of alphabetical guidelines. In my posts, I try to limit myself to just one page so as not to overwhelm you. 


Often we tend to judge people according to our own societal standards, for instance, skin color, speech accent, the way one looks, ethnicity, and so on, which are different from the norm we are in and grew up with. Another aspect is pre-judging people’s actions without privy to their personal motivations and carefully-arrived reasons, which, at times, are hard to do.
With regards to physical attributes, for example, it’s worth remembering the common saying, don’t judge a book by its cover, since we have to read what’s inside first to correctly ascertain its worthiness. But, most important of all, God created man in His likeness and loved and continually to love us unconditionally, so we ought to love one another, rather than being unnecessarily judgmental.

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