Monday, January 2, 2012


Victor is a member of the Haiku Society of America, World Haiku Club, Tanka Society of America and the Anglo-Japanese Tanka Society. This is his second book. His first one, Rustle of bamboo leaves, selected haiku and other poems,was published in 2005. It is highly discounted in the publisher’s site {copy and paste URL):

“Victor is a natural for haiku. But his tanka is something special. Tanka form seems to be a most suitable one for his sensibility, self-expression and sentiment. Tanka would be a better form for most of the haiku poets who have not grasped the essence of haiku like he had. In short, he is good at haiku as well as at tanka.”
- Susumu Takiguchi, Chairman, The World Haiku Club and Editor, World Haiku Review

“Gendrano is a multitalented poet who is not afraid of expressing himself in various forms; he is not limited to nor defined only as a tanka or haiku poet; this freedom of definition gives his poetry a richness and depth. This collection of haiku and tanka is heartfelt and honest. Victor P. Gendrano’s voice is sincere,rich and authentic. It is a voice that needs to be heard.”
- Marjorie Buettner, poet, book reviewer, and author of Seeing it now, a haiku
and tanka book.

Victor P. Gendrano's second book, Haiku and Tanka Harvest, is a journey into the heart and soul of the poet. His poetic works are honest, sincere and, above all, will leave permanent footprints in the reader's heart. From loneliness, heartache, joy, and happiness, this book weaves a tapestry of his life's winding road. Haiku and Tanka Harvest is a must addition to any poet's library.
- Pamela A. Babusci, Editor of Moonbathing: a journal of women's tanka

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