Friday, September 30, 2011

One liner haiku experiment

About the middle of September, I started to experiment writing a one-liner haiku based on a lead haiku poet’s daily prompt. Altogether I wrote nine haiku up to the end of the month. The following five haiku in descending order were the ones most liked by fellow poets. With that over, I now can concentrate in compiling my poems for my second book of poetry. It will be only in two poetic forms: haiku and tanka. So if I am not posting a lot here, you know why. By the way, there's no one-liner haiku in my new book. It’s over 100 pages now.

1) SUNSET - grandpa rode the sunset heading home

2) MOUNTAIN - hardest to climb mountain of self-doubt

3) BEACH - letter in a bottle widow's beach find

4) ANIMAL - a veteran feeds a one-legged bird

5) FLOWERS - hurried steps she stops to admire the orchids

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