Monday, August 16, 2010

A dog's tale

a dog’s tale

Yesterday, my daughter requested me to accompany her to a friend’s house about two hours drive from our place. Before returning home, I invited her to dinner at her favorite Thai restaurant close to our house where she enjoyed her favorite dish with tofu and exotic drink. That’s the least I could do for her, I thought.

Psst, tomorrow is her birthday and I plan to bring her to Hokkaido, a new Japanese seafood buffet in Long Beach, one of only two locations in southern California. So this morning after my workout in the gym, I bought her a petite succulent house plant with gorgeous red flowers which I put in her room to surprise her when she comes home.

she could not bear to look back
and hear her whimper again

nor see her mournful face once more
begging for a warm embrace

she gave away her dog Lola
to her friend for adoption

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