Saturday, February 13, 2010

This Valentine's Day

I would trade all your gifts--
The heart-shaped chocolates
And lovely red roses
For warm embrace and kiss.

I would also forgo
The sleek ready-made card
With manufactured words
For whispered sweet-nothings.

The candlelight dinner
With romantic music
I would gladly exchange
For quiet night with you.

But this Valentine's Day
I'm left with memories
And numbing emptiness
Since you are far away.

In my book: Rustle of bamboo leaves


sakuo said...

I am at mid of chocolates rush.
From wife,from neighbor, from friends,and grand children.
I am in anxiety of my teeth pain.

Thank you Vic Gendrano san.


Vic Gendrano said...

You are funny Sakuo san! Enjoy your chocolates and save some for tomorrow.