Monday, December 28, 2009

Grandpa's lost pipe

A bit of news. I was blessed with three early Christmas gifts this month. First, I was a featured guest in Curtis Dunlap's blog, Blogging Along Tobacco Road, with my three favorite haiku.

Second, I learned that my haiku, below, garnered Honorable Mention in the recently concluded 13th International Annual haiku contest of Mainichi (Japan) Daily News for 2009.

My third Christmas gift came from Don Wentworth, editor of Lilliput Review, who informed me that my haiku was chosen as one of the 56 selected from among 500 poems submitted which will be included in the 2nd Annual Basho Haiku Challenge chapbook. It will be published the middle of next year and I will upload it once it is published. I am so blessed and deeply honored.

winter eve
on top of the fireplace
grandpa’s lost pipe

Honorable Mention
13th Annual Mainichi (Japan)
Haiku Contest, 2009

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