Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Flowers's Essence Slide Show

I wrote the tanka poem below, then added a picture and transformed it into haiga, a picture poem. The idea is for the reader to concentrate on ONE poem only with its accompanying image while reading line by line. Click the arrow on the lower left corner to play the show. Click on the same spot to stop/pause it momentarily.

More hints: Position your cursor on the images at the very bottom of the slide show box. The fourth one from the left is colored white with a RED slash. That image is for turning the music or or off. On the farthest right next to the music image is a full screen viewer (big white square). The attached small square retracts it back to the original size.

For those who prefer a straightforward poem, here it is.

For Lucy

the flowers' essence
lingers long after
their blooms wilt
remembering the lives
she touched on earth

© 2007

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shanna said...

missed flight
telling the whole airport
look for the poet